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TQC Ltd, Hooton Street,
Carlton Road, Nottingham,
Notts. NG3 2NJ,

Tel: +44 (0) 115 9503561
Fax: +44 (0) 115 9484642

Assembly Line or Production Cell, Automatic Assembly or Automated Test,
or Simply a Special Purpose Machine

TQC have the ability and over 25 years experience to handle, assemble and test your product. The scale of the solution can be a production cell using robot automation to carry out all functions, including automatic assembly and automated test, or it could be a complete assembly line. A TQC assembly line uses proven and developed automation solutions  to allow the customer to carry out assembly operations and the required production test parameters.

Robot automation is driven by our customer, TQC supply the correct assembly line or production cell to meet the specification.  Assembly line automation is a specialist area that combines many elements of automation and engineering, TQC carry this out successfully across industries including automotive and pharmacuetical / medical devices. Integral to any assembly and test system supplied is modular construction to allow the customer to expand the system as the specification changes.

From a standalone special purpose machine to a fully integrated assembly line, from assembly and handling of small components for the medical and pharmaceutical industries to larger robot systems to handle metal castings for the automotive industry, TQC understand the customer requirement and provide the best solution, designed to suit, to provide the best automation system for reducing labour costs, increasing output and eliminating manual handling concerns.

Servo Actuated Hot Insert
Assembly Machine

central part of Assembly Line

Automatic assembly line
with integral platen system

Assembly Line / Production Cell - Experience
  • Automatic assembly line for production of plastic automotive catch on platen system
  • Four machine automated assembly production cell for metal automotive parts
  • Automatic leak testing and assembly of plastic blow moulding for automotive industry
  • Mobile phone robot automation assembly cell and test systems
  • Automatic assembly and test fixtures for plastic mouldings
  • Automated assembly and test of diesel engine sensor
  • Automated robotic handling cells
  • Automatic adhesive dispensing cell
  • Automation systems including automatic labelling application

Assembly Line / Production Cell - Key Benefits

  • 20 years Experience in specialised test & handling equipment
  • Professional & Flexible approach to all engineering tasks bestowed upon us
  • All work completed in house - so the buck stops here!
  • 24hour Customer support, backup and service call-out for all projects large and small

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