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Automatic Adhesive Dispensing & Part Insertion

Project 1 was designed to handle two cast heat exchangers, It is an example of an automatic adhesive machine.  The machine automatically applied adhesive and inserted core plugs, one at a time, into ten machined holes.  The single part anearobic adhesive was applied to the inside of the hole before the plug was inserted.

The operator loads the casting to this platform, where it indexes from the gluing head to the press tool.  Holes 1 through 5 are filled, the casting rotates 180 degrees and holes 6 through 10 are filled.   Including load and unload, the machine cycle is 120 seconds.

Project 2 is another example of TQC's experience in automatic adhesive dispensing.  This adhesive was a two part mix supplied from 210 litre drums which had to be kept at a controlled temperature.   The dispensing gun mixed the constiuents in the required proportions before being deposited as a gasket pattern to the part.  Aswell as the X-Y motion from the table, the dispenser moved in the vertical and tilted to gain access to restricted areas.

Project 1 Project 2

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